Milla Real “The Royal Mile” by Richard Macpherson

Santa Fe City Planner,  Richard Macpherson’s water color inspired by Barcelona’s La Rambla,  features a tree lined promenade

Designed for cars and pedestrians-a place for all ages to enjoy, stroll along, have a conversation, shop, have lunch or dinner...

My future vision of St. Michael’s Drive is a roadway which is not only designed for cars, but is equally designed for pedestrians and bicyclists, for their enjoyment and safety. This is a future vision that offers options for Santa Fe’s citizens, including offices, retail, restaurants, entertainment and housing.

The design includes a 60 foot wide, tree-lined promenade with a focus on pedestrian activities. The design of this future boulevard assures comfort for pedestrians: shade in the summer and sun in the winter due to the deciduous trees lining the promenade. Four lanes of traffic with on-street parking and bike lanes are part of the design.

At the present time, St. Michael’s Drive is not a safe pedestrian environment and is not a setting that encourages pedestrian travel. There are no bike lanes on St. Michael’s Drive, a serious problem at present. St. Michael’s Drive is a roadway that needs bike lanes to encourage bicycle riding and commuting.

My future vision for St. Michael’s Drive would be a district that Santa Feans and visitors would enjoy going to.  This is a good location for housing with great views and transportation options, including city buses and the Rail Runner train. A place for all ages to enjoy, stroll along, have a conversation, shop, have lunch or dinner and stay for a night of live music or theatre.

Richard Macpherson, Senior Planner, City of Santa Fe Long Range Planning Division

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