Commons Vignettes, or 144 Reasons to Live in Community compiled by Ken Hughes

The Commons on the Alameda is a 28 home clustered, co-housing compound in Santa Fe. With parking on the perimeter,  a delightful pedestrian path connects a series of placitas. (editor note * with more space online, the GFT article 101 Reasons to live in Community has expanded..Enjoy! 


Transitioning Santa Fe by Elizabeth Christine

We are currently facing the end of what might be called The Age of Cheap Oil.  This brief age has been the most exciting and innovative period in our human history as humans discovered thousands of ways to use fossil fuels to better our lives.  The stored power within oil allows us to accomplish a hundred times more work than we can accomplish without it.  Because of this increased power, life on planet earth experienced radical change over the last 160 years… READ MORE >>

The Ecology of Community Networking by Richard Lowenberg

Santa Fe collectively pays $100 million per year on aggregated telecommunications services (phone, cable,wireless, satelllite, Internet). Richard Lowenberg points to community economic benefits that would accrue if 1% were re-allocated to community technology services. … READ MORE >>

Higher Education Learning Center Launches by Brian Skeele

Santa Fe Higher Education Center Launches

Students Can Work Toward Bachelor’s Degrees

In August, the Santa Fe Higher Education Center (SFHEC) officially launched on the campus of Santa Fe Community College. The SFHEC is a partnership among SFCC, New Mexico Highlands University, the Institute of American Indian Arts and the University of  New Mexico to increase access to higher education. The center will provide a single location where students can pursue a bachelor’s degree directly upon earning an associate degree at SFCC…. READ MORE >>

St Michael’s Boulevard: Visions of the Future

In May of 2009, the City of Santa Fe presented St Michael’s Drive “Visions of the Future”.  Highlights of the seven designs are covered here. Could this new creative and cultural corridor become a vibrant neighborhood and not just a place to drive through after picking up groceries? Participate in the discussion and share your ideas. READ MORE >>

St Michael Drive the New Creative and Cultural Corridor? by Kris Swedin

Could this new creative and cultural corridor become a vibrant neighborhood and not just a place to drive through after picking up groceries? Kris Swedin calls for participation in the discussions and the sharing of your ideas… READ MORE >>

A Social Catalyst for St. Michael’s Drive by Roy Wroth

Roy Wroth calls for a “development from within”, building local capacity in surrounding neighborhoods. His vision calls for neighborhood “gateways” to St. Mikes to function as community centers/small business incubators…  READ MORE >>

Ideas For St Mike’s by Beverly Spears

Spears Architects envisioned a pedestrian/bicycle friendly “frontage lane” with parallel parking separated from thru traffic by a tree filled median… READ MORE >>

Special Zoning District for St Michael’s by Al Moore

Al Moore envisioned a Special Zoning District for Contemporary Architecture, Arts, Education and Creative Conciousness… READ MORE >>

Linear park in the middle of Boulevard by Sergio Yamada/DPS

Dekker/Perich/Sabatini envisioned a Paseo de las Artes, a linear park down the middle of St Michael’s Drive that is home to artists, craftsman, and other creative entrepreneurs… READ MORE >>