Small is Beautiful-Life at the Crossroads

The times call for a comprehensive overhaul of our suburban lifestyle and you’re invited to join with fellow innovators, designers, architects, engineers, and enthusiasts to brainstorm efficient, elegant, and ingenious possibilities for well-lived, sustainable futures!

If you are looking to live in a sustainable neighborhood, you too are invited to the next session April 27-28 at the Solar Fiesta. This event is focused on show casing innovations in floor plans; from Tiny Houses to Single Room Occupancy (SRO) to flexible multi-generational concepts, and everything in between. You’ll be able to sign up and connect with folks with similar values around

  • Tiny Houses and Innovative Floor Plans 
  • Cluster Arrangements and Themes
  • Shared Facilities, Amenities, & Services 
  • Onsite Integrated Energy, Water, Food, and Solid Waste Strategies (see graphic below)
  • Creative Ownership/ Financing                                                                                                                                                           
  • Lease to own/ Rental
  • Site Locations in Santa Fe- we have a list of about a dozen sites. Add to the List! Email us your site map, with scale bar and north arrow
  • Aging in Place, Nursing Home Innovations

I’ve worked up a couple of graphics to illustrate concepts. Here’s a prototype mixed-use, mixed-income, common courtyard layout, similar to Sena Plaza, our much loved oasis in downtown Santa Fe.


Sustainable neighborhoods are a puzzle of a thousand pieces. Bring your pieces and ideas! Together we can make sustainable neighborhoods real and jumpstart the emerging sustainable economy!

What, When, and Where;  April 27-28, 10-4 at the Technology Center at the Santa Fe Community College off of Richards avenue. click here for more info.

At the March 3rd Design Session, we focused on onsite integrated water, energy, food, and solid waste strategies. At the March 24th session we focused on floor plans and available sites. Call me (Brian 310-1797) to help with setting up the graphics and/or manning the “booth” while gathering signups and surveys at the April 27-28 Solar Fiesta at Santa Fe Community College


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