Onsite, Integrated Energy, Food, Water, and Solid Waste Design Workshop


You’re invited to help design localized, integrated food and utility systems on March 3rd, 2013! 

Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute have been redesigning industrial facilities to increase energy efficiency by 90%! 

Can We, here in Santa Fe, capture similar savings by designing sustainable neighborhoods that integrate and localize energy,  water, food , and solid waste streams?

I’ve chosen a mixed-use, common courtyard as a starting point for a prototype neighborhood, similar to Sena Plaza, a much loved oasis in downtown Santa Fe.

Mixed-use Courtyard Neighborhood Prototype

Greenhouse Possibilities








Maximize the Localize!

Join with fellow innovators, producers, designers, architects, engineers  and enthusiasts to see how efficient, elegant, and ingenious we can be!

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Who should be at the design session?? Please send this invitation to them!

What, When, and Where; Potluck, bring your utensils and plate-Sunday March 3, 2013, 10:25-2:30 at the Southwest Annex (next to library, follow signs) on SFUAD campus (formerly College of Santa Fe).

Click here for map

Together we can make Sustainable Neighborhoods real!!

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