Design Your Dream

What is the Most Important to you when designing your dream of a Sustainable neighborhood ?

What are the great things you wish were happening within a convenient walk? What floor plan arrangements and shared amenities would fit your needs? Maybe a deeply affordability lifestyle with a place to play music on a Friday night?

This is a totally open ended question looking for your input. This is your design. As the ideas build up,  Architects and Designers will take your ideas and create a “Catalogue of Options”. This Catalogue will become the basis for a  Model Home and Sales Office for Sustainable Living and drive the demand for a choice other than suburbia!

Spears Architects' contributed this vision to the St Michaels Boulevard Envisioning the City of Santa Fe hosted a couple of years ago.

Since we don’t have many living examples of sustainable neighborhoods in America to draw from, you can use the above illustration (click on thumbnail for full view) to give you inspiration.

Maybe you want to talk about your ideal compound arrangement and take some hints from one of Santa Fe’s cohousing compounds?! In the Sept 2011 Green Fire Times, residents of The Commons on the Alameda shared 144 reasons that make their community life so excellent.

Here’s another awesome idea. I  worked with Roy Wroth to put together a flexible, mixed use floor plan that allows for multiple incomes to cover the mortgage.

And yet one more source for inspiration. John Goekler went all out and hopped aboard a time machine and reported back.

Your contribution can be simple and then grow as we go. Go for it!  Design the Change You Want to See!   Share your ideas and visions. Design your Dream!

image courtesy of quote pictures

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