Share Your Favorite Best Practices and Possibilities for Sustainable Futures!

Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico were at the epicenter of solar design in the 70’s and 80’s. I believe we can be on the cutting edge once again and lead the emerging sustainable economy. By bringing together our pioneering genius and deep caring, along with emerging technologies, we can collaborative  integrate systems and innovations and then build neighborhoods based in real-lasting values.

Join in! I’ve set the intention for this website to be a supportive tool as we learn to live sustainable on the planet, and you’re invited to help make it real!

Choose a “sector” to talk about and share your favorite best practices and ideas.  Then invite your friends and peers to contribute their favorites and carry on the conversations.

As the conversations build, the site can evolve into a forum/wiki where we can give and find support as we reinvent community. By collaborating, we can create great places to live, revitalize the construction industry, add a demonstration Sustainable Neighborhood showcase to our eco-tourism offerings, and bring forward futures that are “good for people, good for the planet, and good for the polar bears!”

So what are the awesome ideas you’ve run across, the opportunities that will transform the planet, your favorite inspirations? Together we can make sustainable neighborhoods real!

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