Projects for the Center for Innovation and Sustainability

I’m proposing a Center for Innovation and Sustainability (CIS), an ongoing Think and Do Tank facility to harness our genius, wisdom and caring to create local market-driven sustainable products and services. With deep collaboration we can create living examples of desirable neighborhoods where less is more – where lowered consumption from a systems-integrated-design approach creates a higher quality of life and affordable lifestyles. We can design scenarios that use less energy, generate little waste and take into account the less visible impacts of the choices we make on habitats and our ways of life.

As we do these systems integrated design, thousands of new products and possibilities will come up for invention. As I’m seeing it, the Fab Lab will being taking the info gathered from audits and assessments and coming up with products and services that meet the new opportunities.  So what are some of the project possibilities and potential demonstration sites that occur to you?

Here’s a couple of ideas and location possibilities


  • Design a neighborhood recycling and community garden center
  • Create a water recycling demonstration site, by tapping into the perennial stream (sewer line) and then hosting a design contest to create a public water feature using the  recycled water.

Demonstration Sites

  • Dana Richards has been spearheading a Sustainability Pathways project for Santa Fe High School. The idea is to create a community center/demonstration site of cutting edge technologies to give students hands-on learning opportunities.
  •  The Zia Roadrunner station has been zoned for a mixed use transit oriented neighborhood.
Ok, Santa Fe…let er rip! Share your ideas and possibilites for projects and demonstration sites!
Together we can make sustainable real!

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