A Fabrication Lab Turns Ideas into Products and Services

A Fab Lab is a collection of tools with which we can forge an empowering, high quality,  sustainable way of life.  Just about very aspect of our lifestyle is in need of an upgrade. Short vision and short term profits with “externalities” have turned into one big ponzi scheme. We’ve spent the last 60-70 years experimenting with the most expensive real estate development in history of humankind and not only is  our happiness quotient not doing so swell, but the cost of maintenance has set us up for big time bankruptcy.

Of course a Fabrication Lab will have a 3D printer and a shop with all manner of metal and woodworking tools. It also needs innovative financial, policy, and planning capacities.  Business startup and marketing support are also a necessity.  One often needs collaboration skills and the ability to persevere, so developing internal tools are essential components.

These are some of the ideas I’ve gleamed.   This vision of a creative, support atmosphere needs your input to become real. We are inventing sustainable lifestyles and a sustainable future! What tools and capacities would serve your needs?

Harvard Fabrication Laboratory

Image courtesy of Harvard Fabrication Laboratory

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