Vibrant, Alive, Affordable + Living Lightly Locally= Sustainable Neighborhoods

5 Planets! How are we, the US of A, going to be a serious leader if our lifestyle requires 5 planets of resources??

How are we going to look our grandchildren in the eye and say with pride “All this is yours!”??

The good news is we are innovative. So, my fellow Americans, let’s roll up our sleeves and seize the opportunity. What else are we gonna do?!  

If you’re in Santa Fe, come to the Tuesday night “Design Lab for Sustainable Neighborhoods” Meetup group

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Mixed-use, mixed-income sustainable neighborhood infill developments of 2 or so acres, located in rural, urban, or suburban settings, are the winning ticket.

Here is a drawing of one possibility!

Infill Plaza at the Heart for web 1 copy

There is a small problem…it’s gonna take collaboration. and change. Hold on! before you start moaning and wailing…oh ok, go ahead and moan and wail…gnash your teeth, pull out your hair, go get really drunk, even if it’s 11 o’clock in the morning.  Show this to your boss, (s)he’ll join you…

Better?? Good! remember, you can always go back to the bottle, but consider this again…We Are Innovative.  Not just Americans (though it seems we have a certain predisposition), but everybody, all 7+ billion of us.

I don’t know what will empower us to move beyond our inefficient, overly consumptive suburban sprawl, but I’m extending the opportunity to you.

With approx. 40 residential units of varying sizes on the upper floor, and mixed-use commercial and shared common facilities on the ground floor, we just need 80 or so people who want to move in. June 20th is our next designing Sustainable Neighborhoods Workshop.

Go to ⇒  take the short survey !

fill out the survey, and check the box letting us know you’ll be attending. Together, we can make Sustainable Neighborhoods real!



September’s Green Fire Times: Envisioning a Sustainable Urban Village

Sustainability is a Puzzle of 1000 Pieces. As we rearrange the pieces to design a Sustainable Urban Village (SUV), Green Fire Times asked the paradigm shifting questions…

“What would make a SUV such a great place, you’d move in?!   What are the best practices emerging in your field, and how can we rearrange these puzzle pieces for maximum affordability and beauty?”

As you’re contemplating your puzzle pieces and gathering your thoughts, click on and read some that were shared by your fellow New Mexicans in the September issue of the Green Fire Times posted here.

Share your thoughts on the issues raised. Share your ideas on sustainability in Santa Fe and region. Continue the discussion!

Pass the word to your friends. Together we can make sustainable real!

Envisioning a Sustainable Urban Village: A Puzzle of 1000 Pieces by Brian Skeele

Sustainability is a Puzzle of 1000 Pieces.  As we rearrange the pieces to design a Sustainable Urban Village (SUV),  Green Fire Times quest associate editor Brian Skeele (yours truly) got to ask the paradigm shifting questions…What would make a SUV such a great place, you’d move in?!   What are the best practices emerging in your field,and how can we rearrange these puzzle pieces for maximum affordability and beauty?… READ MORE >>

Tales of a Time Traveler: How This Future CameTo Be by John Goekler

John Goekler hopped aboard the time machine and reported back from his future life in a Sustainable Urban Village  READ MORE >>

Gussing of the Southwest: Rising to the Challenge and Reaping the Benefits by Brian Skeele

Santa Fe could be the sustainability ecotourist destination, the “Gussing of the Southwest”!  “Gussing will no longer pay $8 million a year for imported fossil fuels” proclaimed the mayor of this Austrian town of 4000. Since the declaration, the town has gone to homegrown green fuels and heating, and 50 companies have relocated there. 1000 jobs have been created. READ MORE >>

Imagining a Sustainable Urban Village by Stephanie Hiller

Our world is changing radically, yet we struggle to stay the same. We face multiple threats to our continuance: dwindling supplies of oil, gas, and various metals; diminishing access to pure drinking water; strange weather and rising temperatures; spreading pollution and the ever present threat of nuclear war.

How can we respond to these overwhelming challenges, and survive? Avoidance will not produce the answers we seek; neither, apparently, will our government. We need to begin to have this conversation,… READ MORE >>

The Ecology of Community Networking by Richard Lowenberg

Santa Fe collectively pays $100 million per year on aggregated telecommunications services (phone, cable,wireless, satelllite, Internet). Richard Lowenberg points to community economic benefits that would accrue if 1% were re-allocated to community technology services. … READ MORE >>

St Michael’s Boulevard: Visions of the Future

In May of 2009, the City of Santa Fe presented St Michael’s Drive “Visions of the Future”.  Highlights of the seven designs are covered here. Could this new creative and cultural corridor become a vibrant neighborhood and not just a place to drive through after picking up groceries? Participate in the discussion and share your ideas. READ MORE >>

Ideas For St Mike’s by Beverly Spears

Spears Architects envisioned a pedestrian/bicycle friendly “frontage lane” with parallel parking separated from thru traffic by a tree filled median… READ MORE >>

Special Zoning District for St Michael’s by Al Moore

Al Moore envisioned a Special Zoning District for Contemporary Architecture, Arts, Education and Creative Conciousness… READ MORE >>