Envisioning a Sustainable Urban Village: A Puzzle of 1000 Pieces by Brian Skeele

Sustainability is a Puzzle of 1000 Pieces.  As we rearrange the pieces to design a Sustainable Urban Village (SUV),  Green Fire Times quest associate editor Brian Skeele (yours truly) got to ask the paradigm shifting questions…What would make a SUV such a great place, you’d move in?!   What are the best practices emerging in your field,and how can we rearrange these puzzle pieces for maximum affordability and beauty?… READ MORE >>

Higher Education Learning Center Launches by Brian Skeele

Santa Fe Higher Education Center Launches

Students Can Work Toward Bachelor’s Degrees

In August, the Santa Fe Higher Education Center (SFHEC) officially launched on the campus of Santa Fe Community College. The SFHEC is a partnership among SFCC, New Mexico Highlands University, the Institute of American Indian Arts and the University of  New Mexico to increase access to higher education. The center will provide a single location where students can pursue a bachelor’s degree directly upon earning an associate degree at SFCC…. READ MORE >>