Gussing of the Southwest: Rising to the Challenge and Reaping the Benefits by Brian Skeele

Santa Fe could be the sustainability ecotourist destination, the “Gussing of the Southwest”!  “Gussing will no longer pay $8 million a year for imported fossil fuels” proclaimed the mayor of this Austrian town of 4000. Since the declaration, the town has gone to homegrown green fuels and heating, and 50 companies have relocated there. 1000 jobs have been created. READ MORE >>

Eco-Park Comes to Santa Fe feat. Alfonz Viszolay by Seth Roffman

Alfonz Viszolay and Lenny Koval are bringing innovation to local energy production, and more.Their Eko-Val Energy Park is an algae oil farm, a dairy farm, vegetable truck farm, a power station,  and a classroom all synergistically looped together! READ MORE >>