A “Think and Do Tank” to Fan the Embers of the Emerging Sustainable Economy by Brian Skeele

The times call for an atmosphere that is conducive to economic innovation. How can we work together to create a thriving local/regional, resilient, innovative, sustainable economy?

Several months ago, a group of us met in Santa Fe to brainstorm a “Think and Do Tank,” an interdisciplinary, affordable, innovation/fabrication lab to support turning creative, social, economic and ecological ideas into real jobs. This will require tinkering, rapid prototyping, testing and bringing to market sustainable, beneficial tools, processes and products…. READ MORE >>

Transitioning Santa Fe by Elizabeth Christine

We are currently facing the end of what might be called The Age of Cheap Oil.  This brief age has been the most exciting and innovative period in our human history as humans discovered thousands of ways to use fossil fuels to better our lives.  The stored power within oil allows us to accomplish a hundred times more work than we can accomplish without it.  Because of this increased power, life on planet earth experienced radical change over the last 160 years… READ MORE >>